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Berlin field description

On the playfield, there is a building in which (besides a large hall) there are several smaller rooms. Between the different rooms, there are several crossings (besides the existing doors and windows) built especially for airsoft games, which make the passage easier. One can carry out the play on the field in different ways and except for a few rooms, it is impossible to be locked. Around the building there are natural shelters and artificial hindrances too, so the attack from outside is also possible. The building is clean and in order to provide secure games, we broke down all the dangerous parts of it. A further advantage of the building is that in case of rain, the playfield is covered.The size of the field equals approx. 2 handball fields and has a rectangular form.

Field details

Popular paintball game types:

  • Last men standing
  • Capture the flag
  • Save hostages

Ideal player: 10 – 30 people

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