Sovietairsoft is part of SURVIVE-ALL team building company. One of our most important principles is that we are not simply an economic company, but the unity of people who are keen on and interested in their jobs. Therefore, Sovietairsoft team also sticks to the above principle, and treats the participants and their needs with patience, curiosity and humility.

We have been organizing airsoft events since 2015, so we are really experienced in this field. Moreover, we managed to carry out so many great improvements throughout the years that we became one of Hungary’s most successful airsoft companies. Our airsoft basis is situated in Szentendre where you can play in several indoor and outdoor fields. Apart from this, you can try some of SURVIVE-ALL’s other services, such as quad.

Our motto:

Sovietairsoft – Still more than just a game!

What we offer:

  • Easily accessible location
  • Diverse indoor and outdoor fields
  • Innovative equipments
  • High-quality BBs (airsoft pellets)
  • Guns with compressed air tank, which are 1:1 replica of the original ones
  • Chest protector for ladies and children
  • Comfortable restroom, toilets and bathroom
  • Professional and patient animators in English language as well
  • Birthday party supplies (benches, tables and refrigerator)
  • Campfire place

Our team:


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